Brett Favre Will Record A Personalized Video For You – $500
I had no idea how much money people have to burn until I learned of this site, Cameo, where athletes, Internet stars, C-listers and even D-listers are making money via personalized videos that people pay for. The site promotes the video as a 21st century autograph for those who maybe grew up on autographs but now want something more from their heroes, including Brett Favre who announced he’ll be making videos.
But it’ll cost you. $500 to be exact. I watched several videos — Ron Jaworski is making videos for people…$200!!!! — and you’ll get approximately :30 seconds out of the Cameo star. As you can see below, you can craft the message. I watched one where Jaws sends a message to a fantasy football league. Seriously, someone paid $200 for that.
It’s actually pretty fascinating to see all the names on Cameo who’ll send videos. For example, Thaddeus Lewis is at a $5 level. Pretty tempted to have him do a video for that price. You can even get Caitlyn Jenner to make a video, but it’ll cost you $1,000.
Remember when you would be in a Christmas drawing and get your cousin, but you never know what to get him because you see him like once a year. How about a personalized video from Perez Hilton for just $25.25. This seems like a no brainer. You stay under the $30 limit and your cousin gets something he/she really wants. You may even want to splurge and get Jon Gosselin to send one to your buddy who’s having a baby. That’ll run $40. There’s even a section where you can select from Howard Stern’s wack pack.
*This post IS NOT sponsored by Cameo. I’m just fascinated that Favre and others are making money off commoners for making a video while sitting on their couches. That said, I’ll probably be suckered into a video fairly soon. Maybe a birthday shoutout for Mrs. BC. 


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