Meet Audrey From Bama

I was talking to somebody the other day about how people are randomly becoming Bama fans and how kids graduating in Chicago suburbs are going to Bama as their safety school and it’s turned into this funnel around the country of kids going to Tuscaloosa for college because the football program is the best ever. This is exactly what happened to the family that lives behind BC HQ here in Ohio. The daughter picked her school – Bama – based on the football program. Not kidding.
I was later told she lasted like a year and figured out that the south wasn’t for her so she transferred to Ohio State. I guess everything went fine there. Never heard anything else about her college career.
That’s what brings me to Audrey from Bama. Her IG says she’s from California. How does this even happen besides via the football team? It’s not possible without Nick Saban — making $7.5 million in 2018 and that goes up $400,000 per year over the eight year deal. That’s why this guy is the biggest asset to the state of Alabama. Think of all the tax dollars this guy is responsible for. Flights into Birmingham. Rental cars. Meals. Hotel rentals. Think of when Audrey from Bama’s family comes to town. You know they’re staying somewhere nice. Big tax dollars.
This might end up being Nick’s greatest legacy. He was able to make it cool for California kids to leave paradise for Tuscaloosa. Ever been to Tuscaloosa? It’s not exactly Pepperdine.

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