Britney Spears Still Out Here Dominating, Buy Larry Fitzgerald’s House & Maine Wants UCF

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Ain’t nothin’ but a G(T) thang, baby.

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There’s nothing on TV tonight. Some boring baseball is about it. I’m painting the basement ceiling. That’s right, the basement project rolls on and we’re to the paint. My friends have been wondering when this project will finally come to a conclusion. The answer is — never. It’s like a guy who obsesses over his yard. It’s never done. There’s always something to do, something to change, something to add. Now, would I like to hunker down in the basement in November for games? Yes, and I have a feeling that will happen. Need to get this paint and the floor done. Then we move on to picking out a TV or two.

Britney Spears…HOLY FUCCC!

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