Rachel Bush Will Be In Buffalo For Bills Home Opener

I like to check in with Rachel Bush like once a week to just see what’s new and see if there’s been any movement between her and husband Jordan Poyer since they had a fallout before training camp. And we have a major development in the relationship: Rachel will be in Buffalo for Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

Are you kidding me? If there’s anything that can save the Bills now, it’s Rachel Bush and her girls rolling into town to motivate these guys to get it together and play for something. This is going to be the biggest NFL news of the week, hands down. No contest.

I don’t care if Josh Allen gets the start. I don’t care if Nathan Peterman throws 5 picks. The story Sunday in Buffalo will be that Rachel Bush is in town and clearly ready to unleash. “My girls” …. are you serious? This season might not be a total loss for the Bills after all.

I’ll be there with my girls lol https://t.co/klRoVFqttp

— Rachel (@Rachel__Bush) September 11, 2018