Ole Miss Bros Had A Blowout Tailgate Brawl

It’s good to see Ole Miss stay hot in the partying game Saturday before a 76-41 blowout of Southern Illinois. Those of you who’ve never been to The Grove for a Saturday cocktail party will never know what it’s like for thousands of fine southern gentleman to be loaded on bourbon & jacked up on testosterone. Sometimes it means fists start flying amongst fans. It happens.

You can sanction Ole Miss. You can take away wins. You can try to make Ole Miss irrelevant, but they’ll never lose a party and will never stop creating content for guys like me who thrive on places like Oxford, Mississippi. Long live Ole Miss, one of my favorite — if not my all-time favorite place — to catch a college football game.

Did you see a great moment of content in college football Saturday at a tailgate, party, on TV, etc? Let me know.

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Update: Another solid fight video from Hotty Toddy:

She’ll whoop your ass, freshman…she don’t play games