Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm Drives A 2004 Honda Accord…Nothing But Respect For This Guy

Where do I even start on how much I love this story about how Jeff Brohm won’t give up his 2004 Honda Accord that has been through some serious wars with the road over the years since Jeff bought this family sedan, the only car he’s ever purchased? Honest to god, I need an hour of just Jeff and that car. And then I would probably rewatch the show for years.
Jeff Brohm signed a contract extension in the spring that will pay him $29 million guaranteed over seven years to coach Purdue and here we are in September and Jeff is still driving that Accord. Still pulling it into the multi-multi-multi-million dollar football complex and into the coach’s parking spot.
I can respect this out of Jeff because I’m a Honda lifer and I can’t give up my 2002 Civic. I’ve been talking to Mrs. BC for like the last 4-5 years about upgrading and then I never do. Can’t bring myself to sell it. Working from home, I don’t drive that much anyway so the little Civic is like a golf cart — I get insane gas mileage driving to the grocery and around town. I always laugh at people who have these giant SUVs or giant trucks and then they can’t wait to get into a golf cart on weekends at the campground. That’s why I drive the Civic — it’s my golf cart & I don’t have to overspend for a golf cart like the RV community.
Brohm’s reasoning for not upgrading in the car department is pretty much an echo of what I always say. The Hondas just keep on starting. You throw on tires, keep the oil changed and the things just won’t stop running. Just today I was over on Facebook checking on my great aunts and a high school friend listed her 2001 Civic with 136k miles. I started doing the math and started thinking of all the years that thing would run — and her price was $2,100. Go price a golf cart. I dare you.
I had to snap myself out of it as I sat here thinking of selling mine with 236k miles for like $1,800, buying hers for $2,100 and driving it for at least 10-12 years. Maybe throw a couple hundred dollars into it here and there. No biggie.

Let’s go over to Blue Book to see what Jeff’s car might be worth…I do notice some denting:

More of Jeff Brohm’s Accord:

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