Nick Kyrgios Received A Pep Talk From An Umpire, Then Won His Match

Through one set and three games, tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios appeared to be well on his way to tanking another match. The Aussie was down a set and three games down in the second set of his match against Pierre-Hugues Herbert when something bizarre happened — umpire Mo Lahyani got down from his chair and gave the boy a nice little pep talk to get him going.
“I want to help you,” Lahyani said to Kyrgios during a break in play.

The New York Times’ Ben Rothenberg reports Lahyani’s conduct is under investigation, and it probably should be given Kyrgios got his head out of his ass and won the match in four sets. Almost like he was a new man after words of encouragement, nothing suspicious here!

In Lahyani’s defense, umpires do have an obligation to warn players of tanking when they see it. (Or maybe he had a little money on Kyrgios to win the match, who knows.) Rothenberg points out Lahyani has a history of doing this type of thing:

Meanwhile, Kyrgios doesn’t seem too bothered about his mid-match coaching session:
By advancing to the third round, he’ll pocket at least $156,000 at the US Open, and possibly more if he manages to beat Roger Federer in the next round.


The US Open has released this comical statement:

Kyrgios also shut down a Genie Bouchard fan during that wild second set:

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