BC Tipster: Anyone Recognize Falcons Fan's Implants?


You know all the other sports blogs out there operated by like one guy who struggle to have fun and never seem to have anything unique on their blogs? Yeah, well by now you know that’s not how I operate. If we’re not having fun around here we might as well die off and leave this Internet thing to the boring outlets like The Athletic and Deadspin.
We’re not going down like that. If Falcons fan is going to send me pics of a woman going massive sideboob at a Chiefs-Falcons game, I’m going to stick to what we do best and that’s making you guys feel alive. Day in and day out, just keep grinding away at that mindset. Entertain you guys the best I can even though these days you’re all happy because your 401k is off the charts and you’re burning money because the good times will never end.
BC tipster:

Anyone recognize these boobs I spotted at the Chiefs-Falcons game? Tried to get a good look at the face but this is the best I could do for you guys CHEERS!

This shouldn’t take too long. Someone reading has seen those booooobs (gotta fool Google the best I can) on IG and can report back. Let us know.
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