Auburn Fan Charged With Assault After What Sounds Like A Wild Campground Brawl

Michael Burns — Auburn fan, middle school PE teacher and baseball coach — is in some trouble for what witnesses say was a wild campground brawl that was about as wild as they come. Of course those involved are suspected to have been loaded during the brawl that went down at approximately midnight. But witnesses say Burns, and son Link, were blackout drunk and Michael rearranged a woman’s face during the melee.
This one is detailed so let’s dig into it. From the Decatur Daily:

Witnesses who filed affidavits with Decatur Municipal Court said they were staying at the campground and were sitting on golf carts. Michael Burns drove up in another golf cart and asked, “ ‘Where is the bald f—-r that takes his clothes off and dances,’ “ according to Randall Joe Rivers.

Bolton, 43, who was with Rivers and two others on the golf carts, indicated to Burns they did not know what he was talking about, according to the campers’ affidavits.

And then, according to the complaint, Burns started rearranging the woman’s face.

Bolton said Michael Burns hit her on the chin. “Blood went everywhere,” she said in the affidavit, and she said a woman with Burns told him to strike her again. “He proceeded to hit me again. I started trying to hit him and stop him, but the guy in the passenger seat (Link Burns) came around and grabbed me by the neck and arm and threw me down and grabbed my hair and pulled me through the gravel.”

Then her fiance tries to rescue Ms. Bolton.

“He threw me into the floor of his golf cart, pinned my arms and proceeded to beat me in the face,” Rivers wrote. “He struck my glasses repeatedly and pounded them into my face. My wife was pleading with him to stop because I have recently had neck surgery, but he would not stop. After four or five punches, I lost consciousness for a period of time.”

Of course we have a good ol northern Alabama he said, she said situation. The Burns duo says it was the others who started the campground fight. We’re talking misdemeanor charges here. I’m not a judicial expert, but I think what we’re going to see here is a lack of evidence (eyewitnesses who were sober) who would be called in to testify under oath.
This one gets thrown out of court. That said, we really need to see Ms. Bolton’s face after the incident. Of course it’s not acceptable to hit a woman. I just think this is a case of Alabama being Alabama and it’s not going to go anywhere.

Here’s father and son:


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