Johnny Manziel Seems To Be Blaming The Weather For Wanting To Immediately Leave Cleveland

Kevin Hart had Johnny Manziel on his Cold As Balls…Laugh Out Loud! show where the two got into ice baths and talked life. It’s unclear when the two got into the baths and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Johnny had an interesting look back on his early days in Cleveland and how his boys didn’t want him to go work in Cleveland, but he didn’t have a problem with it until…
…until he got off the plane in Cleveland for the first time? Yep, Johnny claims he immediately wanted out. Bro, at least you’re being honest here. I’ll give him that.

“At the time, all my boys, everyone in my corner was telling me, ‘You don’t want to go to Cleveland.’ Like, ‘(Expletive) that! (Expletive) that!’ I was more optimistic about it. I looked at the players they had. I was cool with it.
“Once I landed and went to Berea, Ohio, for the first time, I was like, ‘Can I go back to college?’ I don’t know anybody. I don’t know where I’m at. It’s cold! I don’t like it. (Hart pretends to whine). That’s pretty much how it was.”


“I didn’t know what it took. I didn’t know how much hard work you really had to put in to like be good. I just felt like when I went out that first day and I was like, ‘All right, I’m gonna go see how this thing goes.’ And it went so bad. That just compounded into my home life.
“If I’m not doing good at what my job is and what love, then how can I go home and be happy about other things that are going on?”

It would be easy here to bag on John Football for being shallow for hating the idea of being in Cleveland for work. But think about it for a minute. He never had to struggle in life. Always had things he wanted. Golfed when he wanted to golf. Went to the bars when he wanted to go to the bars. Didn’t really have a playbook in college.
And then he graduated (left early), went out into the real world and it smacked him around. Happens to pretty much all of us at some point, usually at the first job. You don’t want to be there. It’s a foreign land. You talk differently than these locals. They want you to save them. Meanwhile, all you can think about is how fast can you get away from the place.
Kudos to John here. Glad to hear some honesty.

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