John Daly Tells Story About Time He Tried To Get Tiger Woods To Drink With Him
John Daly could tell the same story 75 times a year and I’d listen to him tell it every single time. I would be on the edge of my seat. So when I heard that Big John recently retold his Tiger Woods beer story, I was once again all in on this one. The story goes that at the 2004 Target World Challenge, Big John asked Tiger to drink with the boys. Tiger declined, gave John a one liner and then went out and won the December tournament at -16.
In his newest version of the story, John says he was paired with Tiger and shot a 65. John shot the 65 on Sunday. Tiger shot a 66 on Sunday and won the whole thing. Listen, I’m always up for a story even if it’s been embellished a little bit to make it sound even better. John could’ve said he shot a 55 and I would’ve believed him. It’s like listening to a fisherman with great stories. You just go with it.
Here’s how John told this story in 2016:

It was during the 2004 Target World Challenge and Daly had just completed the Wednesday pro-am with some friends and was in the clubhouse drinking and telling stories whenTiger Woodswalked into the room.
“Tiger’s there in his workout clothes and I said, ‘Tiger come have a beer with us, man,’” Daly recalls.
Woods declined, explaining that he was bound for the gym and one of his ubiquitous workout sessions. Daly persisted, “I go, ‘Man, you don’t need to work out. You need to drink a little bit with us.’”
Woods’ answer is the stuff of legend.
“He said, ‘If I had your talent I’d be doing the same thing you’re doing,’” Daly says. “I’m looking at him thinking ‘you’re crazy, man.’”

Here’s the trophy Tiger won that day. Big John won some beer money.
This is why I love Big John. He’s like the guys my dad would drink with. The stories got better over time. You’d show up to the VFW, grab a cold one and listen to these guys hold court with the most outlandish stories you’d ever heard. They’d chased all the skirts over a 30-mile radius, they’d drank bars until they were dry. Hell, there was even the guy who would bet on baseball games on ESPN Classic. He would walk in a room, pick a team and throw down $50. Some of my greatest nights were going to the horse track with Stevie. Guy was an absolute maniac. He was always one horse off a superfecta. Guy had some of the worst luck.
The world needs all these guys. Makes things way less boring. And makes suits wish they could live this life John leads.

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