Here's The 2009 Tahoe Jessie James Decker Wants Eric To Unload Now That He's Retired

Eric Decker promised he would drive the 2009 Tahoe he bought in 2010 when he was drafted in the 3rd round by the Denver Broncos until he retired. Monday he retired and wife Jessie James Decker keyed in on that Tahoe during her wife-of-NFL-guy retirement IG letter to all her/their fans. “Can we please get a new one now,” Jessie wrote at the end of that IG post.
It’s good to see a guy stand by his guns during his career. If you say you’re going to live frugally during a Not For Long career, then you have to stick to it. One car should get you through a career especially when the NFL is 3.3 years or so. Decker was able to get 8 seasons out of that chiseled frame. Not bad. Think of all the money he saved by driving that Tahoe into the ground.
Jessie wrote on Monday: 

“Yesterday was an emotional day. My amazing hubby decided to retire from playing football and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his decision. I cried, smiled and ultimately respected his choice to finish this chapter to start another. This pic was from the first football season I ever shared with him his second year for the broncos. I loved every minute cheering him on in the stands, meeting amazing friends along the way, bringing our new babies and toddlers to the games as they chanted “daddy football daddy football” in the car on the way the stadium each Sunday. From training camps lugging the babies in the wagons and seeing them run to you on the practice field to get that 30 minutes a day to see daddy. I have loved every moment of the last seven years watching my husband kick some serious ass! It’s a career he should be proud of. Can’t wait to share the next adventure with you babe and the amazing things you will do in the future! I love you so much my lover!!! Ps you said you were going to drive that beat up old Chevy Tahoe u got in college and ride it through the ground until you finished playing football, can we please get a new one now? Lol #footballisfamily”

Just think of all the money Eric Decker is going to make now that the TV channels can bid on his services. You throw him on ESPN in bars all across the country and you’ll have instant ratings gold from the females out there who are thirsty for some action. Throw in some sort of reality show, red carpets, brand marketing, etc. and you have plenty of money for a new Tahoe.

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