There Appears To Be A Raccoon Problem At Camden Yards

Why anyone would pay money to watch the Baltimore Orioles play baseball this season is beyond me. We only have so much time on this Earth, and wasting three hours of it to see the Orioles get bludgeoned just doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

That being said, there is an unofficial attraction at the park that has the attention of fans of late… a raccoon! As you can see in the video above, fans saw a night raider set up camp at the park during this past weekend’s against the Yankees — and it’s still distracting bored beat writers to start the new week:

Big drama T8 here at Camden Yards. Kendrys Morales due up third in the inning. And a raccoon in rafters beneath second deck just reached up and looked like it may climb into the seats above but changed its mind. #KendrysWatch #RaccoonWatch

— Shi Davidi (@ShiDavidi) August 28, 2018

Update from Camden Yards, the raccoon is on the move and is trying to climb into the second deck. Fans are currently cheering him on. #BlueJays #Orioles

— Gregor Chisholm (@gregorMLB) August 28, 2018

A user on Reddit Baseball was seated in the raccoon section (down the first base line) Monday night, and reported staffers had to evacuate the area for safety purposes. Probably a wise move. The O’s have suffered enough Ls as is, no need to add lawsuits.