Meet Jen Munoz – New Mexico Soccer Player & Future Sideline Reporter

I’ll call it right now…New Mexico soccer player Jen Munoz, heading into her senior season with the Lobos, is going to graduate & leave Albuquerque in the next 10 or so months and I predict it will be a meteoric rise to MLS sideline reporter in like three years. This isn’t my first rodeo with sideline reporters. I know talent without even watching a Jen Munoz highlight video or whatever they call it in the industry.
How do I know Jen Munoz, a┬áMission Viejo, Calif. native, is going to have a big TV career? Personality shines on IG where I can go scroll down 10 photos and make a judgement call. Munoz, if she wants it, is headed for a sideline job — worst case she has to cut her teeth for a couple years on ESPN3 broadcasts.
Or ESPN will be dumb and decide it doesn’t want a fun sideline reporter, instead opting for the robots they’ve hired over the last few years (minus Maria Taylor and Laura Rutledge). Did I mention that Laura Okmin, the legend, has been mentoring Munoz? Laura’s word in the industry is gold. She’s been able to stay in the game all these years. She’s a world-class talent evaluator. She knows.
As for Jen’s soccer career, she made 21 of 22 starts in 2017 for the Lobos.


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