Josh Allen's Girlfriend & Katherine McCarron Went To Beyonce's Show, Seem To Be Getting Along

If you were wondering if there would be some animosity between quarterback wives in Buffalo, that can probably be laid to rest after Saturday night in Buffalo where Brittany Williams and Katherine Webb-McCarron hit up the Beyonce show and seem to be getting along just fine even though there’s a QB battle going on between their households.
But there’s a problem in the McCarron household — AJ was injured Friday night against the Browns and now it appears Josh Allen will serve as next man up. It’s a hairline fracture of the collarbone.

“Obviously, whatever happened tonight with AJ, it’s some tough circumstances because everybody that knows him knows he’s a great dude,” Allen said. “I’m hurting for him. I sent him a little text. You hate to see it happen, but as of now, I’m looking to improve. I know there’s al to to improve on in my game and I’m going to continue to do that.”

“I think a lot of people have labels,” McCarron told ESPN earlier this month. “You can either let it affect you and how you go about your work, and let that define you, or you change everybody’s thought process on you. That’s always been my mindset. To change anybody that has any doubt.”

It looks like McCarron will bank $5 million this year from the Bills, but his hope was to start, make the rookie wait his turn and then get an even bigger contract down the road as a veteran. Then you play like 13 years, make a bunch of backup money down the road and live happily ever after.

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