Cops: Louisville Tight Ends Coach Chris Klenakis Was A Total Mess When We Arrested Him For DUI

Louisville tight ends coach Chris Klenakis, arrested Sunday in Shelby County, Kentucky, graduated in 1986, but he went on a classic 20-something bender that ended when cops allegedly saved him from being run over by a truck hauling a horse trailer on an interstate. Chris, you’re too old for this type of stuff, especially the beer cans crushed in the passenger seat (allegedly).
Chris, according to the report, “drove through [an] active construction zone where many employees of Louisville paving were actively working on the roadway when the above subject passed through he almost struck the very wall the workers were working on. Deputies had to pull the operator out of the vehicle because he would not comply with the lawful order to exit the vehicle.”
Then came the field sobriety test where Klenakis nearly walked into the path of the truck and the horse trailer. Eventually he was taken in after the fuzz found the crushed beer cans and got him to blow a .165.
As for Bobby Petrino’s reaction:

“Coach Klenakis approached me this morning and informed me of the situation that occurred over the weekend,” Petrino said in the statement. “I informed our administration and Coach Klenakis was placed on an administrative leave of absence effective immediately. There are high standards in our program for our coaching staff and we must adhere to those standards on a daily basis.”

According to a public records search, Chris banks about $300,000 per year as an assistant. Not a bad gig, unless you throw it away.
via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Chris had this to say on Saturday after camp ended:

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