Brett Favre Does Ireland

It’s great to see grandpa Brett Favre out and about especially with Deanna in Ireland because it’s rare to see the Favres doing something other than triathlons, going to volleyball tournaments and Brett at a Clemson football practice. There’s something about a 48-year-old Favre taking a selfie on a castle tour instead of slangin’ Copper Fit arm wraps or a Microtouch razor.
It’s this time of year when I start thinking about John Madden and Brett Favre. I start thinking of how Madden just loved that guy so much and how both of them have disappeared from the world of football. Sure, Brett makes an appearance here and there in his quest to not go insane at home with Deanna. A guy can only cut down so many trees and wrestle bears while down in Mississippi. I picture Madden at home on Instagram scrolling through pics from all his favorite NFL guys and stopping to look at Brett in Ireland.
I remember a David Beckham documentary where he leaves soccer and goes on a motorcycle ride with a couple of his buddies across Brazil. I went in thinking I would hate the documentary and then I loved it and thought that it would be great to see guys like Favre do this. Maybe he calls up Peyton and they go bike riding across Canada. Just a couple of old opponents on the road. And then out of nowhere they run into Barry Bonds who is riding the Canadian Rockies. The three of them have time to burn and end up riding to Alaska and it’s a 5-night series that runs in the middle of July when nothing is on TV.
I’m down. Now we need NFL Network to make it happen.

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