Guys, I Think Morgan Reid Has Been Working Out

Soccer player Morgan Reid, now a member of the┬áNorth Carolina Courage of the NWSL, just continues her rampage across Instagram with IGs that show she’s been doing some ab work this summer. In her latest IGs from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, Reid is pretty much announcing that this will go down as the Summer of Reid on IG. It’s not really a competition at this point. She fires up IG & it’s pretty much a 30k like barrage within 24 hours from those who understand the Duke graduate is about to dominate the space for 3-4 years.
Folks, you’re looking at the face of brands over that upcoming span and then for a lot longer if she maintains a high level in the soccer community. You put Morgan Reid, a defender, on a USWNT and heads will spin. You’ll have yogurt companies busting out brass knuckles on each other trying to hire her as spokeswoman. You thought Anchorman was violent, wait until yogurt companies are fighting inside NYC boardrooms. Of course they’ll ask her to tone down the IG to a Danica Patrick level and then she’ll make millions. That’s just the world we’re living in and as I’ve said like 10 times in Morgan Reid posts, it was a genius move on her part to gain as many followers as possible during her college career. She couldn’t cash in on social fame while in school, but the minute she left it’s go time.
Trust me, brands are lined up. Rovell is lined up ready to tweet some random fact about Morgan to satisfy a brand rep. I’ve seen this game a million times. Buckle up, Morgan Reid is headed for big things.
*The NC Courage have three matches left this season.

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