Canada Prepares for Huge 2018-19 Season at Specialized Online Casinos


If there are two things that Canadian sports fans love to do in the offseason, it’s get hyped for their teams in the upcoming season, and put their predictions to the test by backing the Canada-based teams to go all the way at specialized online casinos.

The 2018-19 season could be a very special one in Canada as the tundra-laden nation boasts top teams in both the NBA and the NHL. In the NBA, the Toronto Raptors have never made it to the NBA Finals, and the former Vancouver Grizzlies never achieved that feat before moving to Memphis, either. In the NHL, it’s going on nine long years since a Canadian outfit made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, and it’ll be 25 years since a team from Canada lifted Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But this year could be different, and Canadian sports fans can sense it.

Putting bets on their home teams


One of the many glories of Canada is that online casinos are in abundance. But, what’s even better is that some of the top-class sites have also integrated sports betting platforms. This is where Canadian sports fans put their predictions to the test and back their home teams.
One of the top-rated online casinos in Canada is LeoVegas due to its huge selection of games – Break Away being a particular favorite with Canadian players. However, more good things are happening at LeoVegas, as they’ve recently added a sports betting platform that is rating the Canadian teams among the favorites to go far this season. You can also check out the best casino nz.
In the NBA betting, following their Eastern Conference-dominating campaign in 2017-18, the Raptors are given odds of +375 to win the Eastern Conference Finals this season.
The NHL betting sees two teams from Canada as main contenders to win it all in 2018-19. The Toronto Maple Leafs come in as joint second-favorites to win the Stanley Cup at +900. Last season, the Winnipeg Jets went further in the playoffs than any other Canadian team, and are at +1000 to go all the way this season with LeoVegas.
Even with the experts behind the odds, Canadian teams are being given a great chance of achieving greatness this season, but why?

Ready for some Canadian dominance?

Last season, the Toronto Raptors dominated the Eastern Conference and finished with four wins more than the anticipated domineers from Boston. But, after LeBron James picked the Raptors apart in the playoffs again, Toronto fired head coach Dwane Casey – who went on to win NBA Coach of the Year. The irony continues in that their foe, James, has now moved to the Western Conference.
Now, Toronto has assistant Nick Nurse as their head coach and traded away DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl in exchange for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. ‘The Deal’ has helped to enhance Toronto’s standing as a top team in the Eastern Conference, but all eyes are on how Nurse operates in this potentially successful season.
Where the Vegas Golden Knights stole all of the headlines last season, the Toronto Maple Leafs have stolen the headlines in this offseason. The legendary franchise snapped up one of the biggest free agents for a very long time, John Tavares, and now look poised to run for the Stanley Cup.
The Winnipeg Jets showed that their young batch of stars has finally come of age, and now they’re ready to battle with the best. The Jets were inevitably defeated by the feel-good, momentum-riding storyline of the Golden Knights in the Conference Finals last season, but they should be able to build on a good year with an even stronger campaign.
There’s plenty of reason to get hyped for the Canadian teams of the NHL and NBA this season. It’s the first time in a long time that both sports boast teams from Canada which have a genuine shot at greatness in the same year.

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