Isaiah Thomas Calls Cleveland A 'Shithole', Immediately Apologizes

Isaiah Thomas’ time in Cleveland was brief after LeBron shipped him out to LA about 5 months after he arrived, but it was enough for him to formulate an opinion on the city. He went on IG live last night and was asked about all the cities he’s played in, which have been many. By the time he got around to Cleveland, all he had to say was that it was a “shithole” and that “he knows why LeBron left…again”.
If you know anything about the internet in 2018, you knew someone was out there screen recording these comments, so it didn’t take long for this video to make waves on Twitter. Less than two hours later, he had an apology tweet sent out and was back on IG live to backtrack.

He could apologize till the cows come home, but that’s not going to change what we now know. He 100% thinks Cleveland is a shithole. Those are just facts and he has officially joined Joakim Noah on that boat. Of course he apologized.I’m sure his agent made a stern phone call shortly after this video hit the web. He had to do it to save face, but anyone with a brain knows the original comments are what he truly feels.

He backtracked further on IG live

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