Watch This Giants Fan Throw Back Baker Mayfield’s First TD

.@bakermayfield's first TD is an absolute dart. (via @NFL)

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 10, 2018

I know it’s the preseason and I know he was up against second and third stringers, but if I’m a Browns fan today, I’m feeling prettay, prettay good about Baker Mayfield. Again, it’s preseason game #1, but you can’t deny the fact that he was throwing darts all over the field last night. Not to mention Tyrod had himself a solid outing as well. No exaggeration, I think these two may have already jumped to the top of the sad Browns QB list.

Anyways, on to this Giants fan who probably cost himself a decent wad of cash after he threw Baker’s first NFL TD pass back onto the field. There’s a 100% chance this guy is also a Yankee fan. This is most Yankee fan move ever. Just look at this tool.

You know you're a real Giants fan when you throw back Baker Mayfield's first touchdown in the NFL

— Sarah Johnson (@kitteyandkat) August 10, 2018

Throw that ball up on eBay you could probably rake in a third of your Manhattan rent payment. That’s the #1 pick’s first ever touchdown pass. Preseason or not, you should be getting 3 figures for that thing easily. And the throw is just abysmal. If you’re going to throw it back, at least make it look like you’ve thrown a football one time before this.

Back to Baker…the dude looks legit