Your 2018 NFL Bud Light Cans Are Out

How do I know we’re about to play some football? Bud Light pumped out it’s 2018 NFL can email this morning showing off the cans you’ll be slamming (disclaimer: *responsibly) this fall at tailgates from coast-to-coast. You’ll notice there are only 28 cans. I’ll let you figure out which teams aren’t down with Bud Light branding. OK, I’ll give you one — the Dallas Cowboys. That’s a Miller Lite stadium.
From the Bud Light marketing department:

“Bud Light is excited to rollout our official 2018 NFL cans, something we know the fans look forward to year after year,” said Andy Goeler, Vice President of Bud Light. “The sleek design is an update from last year, and we’re looking forward to seeing them pop up in tailgates this season.”

In total, each of Bud Light’s 28 team partners will be featured in the new designs, along with an NFL Shield edition to round out the collection. The new cans will hit shelves beginning the week of August 13 nationwide.

You’ll also notice the Eagles get a green can and it says Philly Philly on the side. I assume that’s because they won the Super Bowl. Eagles fans will stockpile cases of these in their garages. Might end up being a shortage when the cans hit the shelves. React accordingly.

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