Richie Incognito Deletes Tweets, Apologizes To Mike Zimmer

As he is wont to do, Richie Incognito went off the rails on Twitter Tuesday in response to Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer saying he has no interest in bringing him in. He posted screenshots of texts he had with the late Tony Sparano, and also called Zimmer a “f—ing liar” in a defense that likely didn’t endear himself to any teams that might have interest in him.

But Richie quickly backed off his aggressive response to Zimmer, and apologized to the head coach while adding that he’s still dealing with Sparano’s loss:
He added that he’s been “off the reservation” due to stress:
Richie, of course, has had himself a ridiculous offseason. He fired his agents on Twitter, beefed with some guy at a gym, told police he’s NSA, and aggressively backed LeSean McCoy after the running back was accused of beating his girlfriend. He also told TMZ he wants to get into politics, so yeah, this can go any number of ways.

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