Little League Kid Hits A Moon Shot & Adds In A Little Leg Kick For Some Extra Juice

That’s Evan Blake of Team Massachusetts. He’s big for his age which is 12. And this isn’t like the old days where you could have a 12 year old on your team and he could turn 13 in early July and be a masher by mid-August. Nope, Little League went away with that starting this year.
That means the kid that just hit that moon shot is a legit 12 years old. No travel ball for that kid. Just out here crushing baseballs into the forest like he’s ready to play some college ball.
Let’s go back to the ruling that was handed down in 2015:

Little League is getting younger.
The organization announced Thursday it is changing its age requirement, phasing 13-year-olds out of the division that plays in the annual Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
They are doing that by changing the league’s “age determination date” to Aug. 31. That will prevent anyone who turns 13 during the baseball season from playing in the major division of Little League baseball.

Center fielder…I’m good, that ball is gone:

Maybe we’ll get an Evan Blake vs. Jose Mendoza matchup in Williamsport:

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