Papa John’s Pizza Sent To Ohio State Fans Protesting Urban Meyer Case Outside Ohio Stadium

Someone sent pizza to the rally for Urban Meyer

— Marcus Hartman (@marcushartman) August 6, 2018

Karen Howell, an Mississippi grad and lawyer who is known to post a few fun things per month, was up to her old tricks tonight as a couple hundred Ohio State fans protested the Urban Meyer case outside Ohio Stadium. Karen, always up for a solid troll, sent Papa John’s pizzas to the front of Ohio Stadium so the protesters would have a nice dinner.

Some guy named Tennessee Jeff led the crowd in chants supporting Urban and had to read the words to Carmen Ohio, a song dear to Ohio State fans.

At the end of the day, the Ohio State faithful gathered at the front gate get what they want. The people that hate Ohio State got what they wanted. Michigan fans got what they wanted. The normal fans who have to put up with the nonsense get left holding the bag and empty pizza boxes.

Poor delivery guy. I said, just give it to someone at the rally. He was probably like “Umm does anyone want this?” (Don’t worry. I tipped him.)

— Karen Howell (@karenehowell) August 6, 2018

— Karen Howell (@karenehowell) August 6, 2018

— Karen Howell (@karenehowell) August 6, 2018