Odell Beckham Jr. Spends $5,000 To Get Diamond Crosses Implanted Into His Teeth

It appears OBJ is flipping the iced out grill game on its head this weekend because he just dropped $5,000 to get diamond crosses implanted on his canine teeth. I guess this is what happens when rich people get bored in the off-season. I’m assuming this is the next step logical step of evolution for grills – which were taken mainstream by the GREAT Iceman Paul Wall – and OBJ is the new pioneer. Unless I’m mistaken, I think he’s the first person to do this. Rappers across America have just been put on notice.
Now, these things aren’t in their permanently, but it’s not like he can pop them in and out every day before practice or a game like Ochocinco used to do with his gold grill. In order for him to get them removed, he’s going to have to take another trip to the dentist chair.
Some might say this is a total waste of money, but we all know 5 grand is a drop in the bucket for Odell. And remember, he’s got a big fat contract extension coming down the pipe pretty soon.
Here are the details of the surgery via TMZ:

OBJ had the procedure done a few days ago … and it wasn’t cheap — coming in at around $5,000 — and his dentist tells TMZ Sports it wasn’t exactly easy to do, either.
“I got my ceramus to make a porcelain veneer that looked just like his tooth,” New York dentist Dr. Lee Gause says.
“And then, on that porcelain veneer, I got a diamond cross made from Odell’s jeweler that he actually made on a 3D rendering that I printed and sent to his shop.”
Gause tells us he then locked in the jewels on Odell’s canine teeth … and they ain’t removable unless Beckham returns to the dentist’s chair.

Welcome to 2018, people, where professional athletes 3D print diamond crosses to implant on their teeth.



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