LFL Hires Heidi Golznig As Sideline Reporter

I’ve said it a thousand times…I can’t take you serious as a football operation unless you trot out a hot AF sideline reporter. Enter Heidi Golznig and the Lingerie Football League. The LFL marketing team hit my inbox this morning with news that Heidi is the newest sideline reporter for the league that somehow still exits even though I have no idea when the ladies play. I have kids now, zero chance I can keep track of the schedule. It’s hard enough to get the kids to go to bed without blowing up in rage because they can’t watch another episode of Loud House.

Anyway, Heidi got the job and I have zero idea if she has any history with football. Not that it matters. Heidi’s job will clearly be to look HOT AF and to lob softballs at coaches who will hopefully drop some f-bombs during the interviews.

Heidi’s bio:

• Madison, Wisconsin native

• Did some work at Bein Sports

• Vegan

• Vixen

Submitted photo via LFL