Rex Ryan Looks Like He Lost A Couple Pounds This Summer…Rob, Not So Much
This feels like a good time to check in with Rex and Rob Ryan, two of our old favorites who used to create so much content. The twins have gotten real boring lately, pretty much ever since the Predators went on a run in the Stanley Cup playoffs where the brothers ended up in a bar fight. This summer has been extremely quiet from two guys who usually find a way to create some sort of buzz. I haven’t seen them hit up a NASCAR race. No pics of them slamming dogs at a Triple-A game.
Nothing. And maybe it’s because Rex is on some sort of diet and is trying to stay away from the draft beers. Look at that photo up top. Rex has definitely shed some pounds from the last time I saw him. Of course Rob has not.
I assume Rex will be back on NFL Countdown which turned into a huge disaster in 2017. He’s definitely been yanked from the Week 1 Monday Night Football slot after last season’s disaster.
As for Rob, I guess he’ll do some trips out to Los Angeles to get car washed by the FS1 debate shows. Maybe we’ll get to see another shot of him walking down Ventura Blvd. Stay tuned.


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