Eagles Fan Gets Tom Brady Strip Sack Tattoo


If you thought Philly fans were done living the high-life over the Super Bowl victory, not only would you be wrong, you’d be a total fool. There are babies right now thinking of ways they can celebrate that victory once they turn 17 or 18. There are grown men still contemplating the perfect tattoo they can take to the grave.
Anthony Mazziotti, a Philly social media guy stepped up in a big way for the city and got that beautiful Brandon Graham strip sack of Tom Brady tatted up just in time to show off September 6 when the Falcons come to town for the opener.

It might have taken a while and my skin might look angry, but I have my Eagles Super Bowl tattoo, a Polaroid of @sack_55 strip-sacking Tom Brady with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Shout out @deannaverrico for absolutely crushing it!

The tattoo artist, Deanna Verrico, has done some interesting tattoos like this one of a fishing pole, or this one of a double fudge stick pop, this mallard duck, and Chester Cheeto, but I have to say that this strip sack just might be her best work. Just think of the advertising this one is going to provide across the Philly region when Anthony shows it off. Guys are going to start thinking of other big plays during the Super Bowl to get tatted on their bodies.


Brandon Graham loves…”nothing but strip sacking QBs.”

via Eagles/Facebook
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