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Now here’s a smart investment out in Vegas:

From LVRJ:

A nostalgic glow may soon entice pedestrians to explore more of downtown Las Vegas.
The city’s Centennial Commission on Monday approved $762,000 to restore vintage neon signs at seven historic, closed motels along Fremont East. The buildings include the Travelers Motel, Lucky Motel, Las Vegas Motel, Fremont/AriNeva, Starview Motel, Gables Motel and Valley Motel.
“If Las Vegas were a person, neon would be our signature,” said City Attorney Brad Jerbic, who pitched the idea to the commission.

At some point this summer I got to thinking about how all across the U.S. we had cool neon signs flashing and looking all unique. Now our roads are littered with all the same shitt and things have been looking the same in each town for way too long. It was nice to go to Vegas and feel some vibe from neon signs flickering all night. Felt like you were about to crush a $5 BJ table. Felt on top of the world. Felt like you were about to pound a hooker at a by-the-hour motel. And now Vegas is reinvesting in that vibe. Smart move all around. Kudos to those who had the vision.

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Mike Vick Paintballing, Kaila Beach With A Golden Retriever Puppy & Jim Kelly's Giant Zucchini
Mike Vick Paintballing, Kaila Beach With A Golden Retriever Puppy & Jim Kelly's Giant Zucchini