This Maniac Allegedly Altered Wisconsin Restaurant’s TV Package So He Could Watch Arizona Basketball Games

via Sauk County Sheriff’s Department

You know I love a good bizarre story and really get pumped when there’s a sports tie-in that just boggles the mind. Enter Kevin Cayton from Illinois. He must be a big Arizona Wildcats fan because what he pulled off earlier this year is one of the strangest fandom moves I’ve ever heard of. Long story short..Kev goes to a restaurant called Buffalo Phil’s while he’s in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. He wants to watch Arizona games on the Pac-12 Network. Cops allege he figured out a way to call the cable provider and talk them into adding the Pac-12 to Buffalo Phil’s cable package.

I know, it’s absolutely absurd, but the cops seem to be all over this one and the investigation seems pretty rock solid. Let’s go to the details and then dig into Kevin’s Twitter account.

From Baraboo News Republic:

The finance manager of an Illinois car dealership has been accused of pretending to be a Lake Delton restaurant employee in phone calls with a cable company. His aim, police say, was to change the restaurant’s cable package so he could watch a basketball game when he visited the area for the weekend.

Sauk County prosecutors have charged 51-year-old Kevin M. Cayton of Arlington Heights, Illinois, with felony identity theft for financial gain and unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information. Each charge carries a maximum six-year prison sentence.


In the calls, a man who identified himself as Pat Barkley asked to add the Pac-12 channel to the restaurant’s cable package. He mentioned wanting to watch an Arizona Wildcats basketball game later that week.

In one of the recordings, the caller allegedly stepped away from the phone and spoke with someone else in the background, saying “Hey it’s Kevin.” In another call, police say, someone can be overheard purchasing a vehicle in the background and explaining that they work a second job at a health care facility in Illinois.

Kevin could’ve gone a different route and downloaded the app and used his cable provider…his has to be on this list:

Kevin’s Twitter account pretty much indicates that he’s an alum that just loves his Wildcats: