Chipper Jones’ Wife Is Due With Their Baby On The Day Of His HOF Induction

Chipper Jones is the latest 90’s era Brave to get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. He’ll join Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz, along with Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz to round out the juggernaut of a team that won 14 straight division titles. It’s pretty nuts that those Braves teams have put six guys in Hall of Fame in the last 4 years. We won’t talk about the fact that they could only bring home one World Series title.

Even though this weekend is supposed to be all about Chip and reminiscing on the incredible career he had, he’s found himself in a pickle (absolutely pun intended) as his wife – former Playboy model Taylor Higgins – is set to give birth to their son at any point this weekend. She’s ready to pop and she still made the trip up to New York for this big weekend.

There’s real chance Chipper’s son is born on the same day he gets that plaque put in Cooperstown.

Chipper’s wife, Taylor, is due to have their second baby at any moment and is here with him in Cooperstown for Sunday’s HOF induction. Chipper said hopefully the baby won’t come till they get home to Atlanta, but if he’s born here in Cooperstown that wouldn’t be bad either.

— David O'Brien (@DOBrienATL) July 28, 2018

The good news is they have a plan in place in case this baby wants to make his mark on his dad’s big day. They’re pre-recording a speech and have a spot in a Cooperstown hospital ready to go just for good measure.

AJC – The couple have a contingency plan in place should Taylor go into labor ahead of the ceremony. They have visited the local hospital in Cooperstown, just in case, and his speech will be pre-recorded.

“We know where we’re going if something happens,” Jones told the Associated Press while visiting Cooperstown in April. “Hopefully, he waits until we get back home, but it certainly would be apropos if she had him here, wouldn’t it?”

If that baby is born the same day his dad goes into the hall, we might as well just start carving the plaque for his 2063 HOF induction. That’s what we call a shoe-in.

Pretty fitting that they’re naming the kid Cooper

BABY WATCH 👶🏼 @RealCJ10 says wife Taylor is doing well. If you haven’t heard (which I’m sure you have) Chipper and Taylor are naming their son Cooper. #HOFWeekend #ChipperHOF #Babywatch #Cooperstown #CooperJones @FOX5Sports

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