LeBron Heckler In A Michael Jordan Jersey Forces LeBron Jr's AAU Game To Get Cancelled

It appears the NBA GOAT debate has taken on a life of its own. This thing has shifted from casual Twitter arguments, to morning sports debate shows, to murals getting vandalized, to now real-life circumstances that forced Lebron Jr’s AAU game to be canceled last night.
According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, we had a die-hard MJ fan, wearing his finest Bulls authentic, make an appearance at Liberty High School in Vegas where LeBron was set to watch his son tear it up. Some heckling ensued from this bozo, things started to get out of hand and security had to get involved, which led to the game’s cancellation.

The game between Bronny James’ North Coast Blue Chips and the Nike Meanstreets was canceled after a man wearing a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey began ridiculing the elder James and was denied entrance, according to a event official who declined to give his name.
The man, who was about 150 feet away from James, also screamed at event security and was eventually restrained, which triggered the cancellation and a brief altercation with security personnel.
James, his wife, Savannah, and daughter, Zhuri, who were in seats along the court’s baseline, were promptly escorted out a side door with the Blue Chips players, all 13 and younger, while event security quelled the situation.

You have to imagine this guy is fed up with LeBron getting some GOAT love recently, right?  The Jordan jersey plus the heckling sure leads me to that conclusion. The shit LeBron is still doing heading into his 16th season is literally breaking people’s brains.
It’s amazing we’ve gotten to this point. I’m not sure we’ll ever top “Meet me in Temecula”, but this is pretty damn close. We have NBA arguments turning into real life confrontations. You thought people vandalizing murals was the worst it was going to get for LeBron after jumping to LA? How about some psycho showing up to your son’s game to get his MJ point across?

You can see the MJ jersey-wearing heckler in this video before he got tossed

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