Ohio DMV Using Lakers LeBron To Keep People From Smiling In Their License Photo

I’ll be honest, I never knew there was some rule where you can’t smile in your driver’s license photo. Usually by the time I get to that counter, after waiting for god knows how long in a line that’s out the door and around the block, there’s a zero percent chance I’m even thinking about smiling in that photo. Turns out, there are actually happy people out there who don’t mind cheesing at the DMV.

I get the reasoning behind it. I’d imagine it’s tougher to find criminals when they have a big shit-eating grin on their face in the photo that’s in all these government databases. It just never crossed my mind until now.

This Ohio DMV office came up with a pretty clever way to shut down these grinners. Just stick a photo of LeBron in a Lakers jersey and that’ll do the trick. Although I’m not it would have the same effect as it would’ve in 2010. I think most Cavs fans pretty much understood LeBron was outta there after this season. If they did this after he dipped for Miami, we’d probably have Cleveland people ripping that camera off the desk and tossing it through a window.

Meanwhile in Lakerland…

LeBron mural already getting defaced #la #lakers pic.twitter.com/64CgGnnRJT

— Mike Shab (@mikeshab) July 21, 2018

Lakers mural already being fixed. Gotta stop disrespecting people’s art man and leave your opinions at home. Lebron effect is crazy pic.twitter.com/aAVCUkRA6J

— jg (@jonguzman_) July 21, 2018