Joel Embiid Makes Sure Sixers Co-Owner Michael Rubin “Gets His Birthday Sex”

There has been so much loyalty talk happening around the NBA recently. You have players that may be considered unloyal for jumping to bigger markets, along with owners/GMs being unloyal for trading guys who helped build something. I think we can safely say the loyalty factor is at an all-time low right now.

That’s why it’s good to see this relationship between Joel Embiid and Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin. They have such a good rapport that Embiid was on IG last night giving his owner an engagement and birthday shoutout that included a little locker room talk. Just making sure his boy doesn’t forget about the birthday sex.

Guys being dudes.

What a lovely couple!!!! Congrats on getting ENGAGED and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.. better get your birthday sex @michaelgrubin

This is my kind of franchise player. Imagine LeBron sending that to Dan Gilbert. Never in a million years. That’s why there was no trust there. These are the relationships we need more of between front offices and players. one where you can make sure other doesn’ forget about his birthday sex. That’ll help the loyalty factor.

Here’s Rubin’s comeback

Joel Embiid put a personal touch on his happy birthday message to Sixers owner Michael Rubin 😂

📸: joelembiid | Instagram

— Yahoo Sports NBA (@YahooSportsNBA) July 22, 2018