Matt Vasgersian Apparently Hates Bachelorette Parties At The Ballpark

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Oh, buddy. As you can expect, the outrage machine is out in full force after this one and I actually agree with them. Matt Vasgersian decided that the nationally televised Cubs-Cardinals game immediately after the All-Star break (aka the only sporting event on TV last night) was when he was going to start his crusade against bachelorette parties at the ballpark. What a weird hill to plant your flag on.

What’s wrong with Bachelorette parties at a baseball game? What do we have, 7 total minutes of action in a baseball game these days? We’re basically watching a billion strikeouts mixed in with a couple bombs here at this point. Give me a gaggle of bridesmaids in the outfield bleachers making things interesting while I’m waiting for the next pitch. We all know how bridesmaids can get, who knows, maybe one will do something crazy and you’ll get your mid-inning entertainment instead of your typical “Find *insert sponsor’s logo here* under the hat” on the jumbotron.
Of course, A-Rod was all about it. I even agree with Jessica Mendoza on something for once. Come on, Matt. We’re trying to make baseball fun again. If a bachelorette party wants to get wasted on the outfield deck, more power to them. How do you think we end up with classic videos like this?

[H/T: video from The Big Lead]

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