Guy Who Offered Up $10,000 & Two Worthless Atlanta Hawks For Murder Of His Ex-Wife Is Sentenced

Remember the guy who tried to have his ex-wife killed in exchange for cash and nearly worthless Atlanta Hawks tickets? Welp, Michael is going to jail for ten years on a federal charge and I’m told that he’s still on the hook for state charges. I blogged in January: I never understood these murder-for-hire guys. It’s your ex-wife…YOU’RE NOW SINGLE. Sure, she may have taken your ass to the cleaners over child support, but that’s only for 18 years. Pull some murder-for-hire plan and now you’re looking at crazy federal charges and pretty much the rest of your life in jail.
Still stands.
The hook in this case is that Mike was in jail on drug charges putting together this plot. He couldn’t see the long game of life after prison. Get out of jail, get yourself straightened out, leave that old angry/obsessed Michael behind and catch all the Atlanta Hawks games you can stand before giving up on them because they’re horrible. Maybe hit the gym a little bit, do some half-triathlons, find yourself a new love, maybe do yoga in the morning before going to work and then enjoy quiet time at night with your new life.
Now Mike is done for a long, long time.
From The Daily Tribune (GA):

A man who attempted to hire someone to kill his ex-wife while he was imprisoned at the Bartow County Jail has been sentenced to 10 years in prison to be followed by three years of supervised release, according to a press release Monday from the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s North District of Georgia.

According to the release, Michael McEarchern, 29, of Acworth, attempted to hire someone to kill his ex-wife by promising $10,000 and two Atlanta Hawks basketball tickets as payment for the murder.

McEarchern was convicted of murder-for-hire on April 24, 2018, after he pleaded guilty.

“McEarchern was serious about having his ex-wife killed and provided $800 as a down payment for her murder,” U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak said. “The defendant has been brought to justice and his lengthy prison sentence will provide him with an opportunity to reflect on his egregious crime.”

I’ll forever be perplexed over the two tickets offer. It’s off-the-walls bonkers to think a hitman would suddenly take a gig over a couple of ducats, but this is the mindset Mike was working under.
I need all of you who are obsessed with your ex to realize that there’s a good chance of a nice life out there in your late 30s once you get that head of yours straight. You’ll eventually hit 35, the metabolism will drop, you’ll suddenly enjoy gardening, sitting on the back porch listening to birds chirp, filling up the bird feeder will bring you happiness and the sun will shine brighter than ever in your life.
We just have to get you to that point. Michael learned the hard way and now he’s going to be looking at a release in his 40s and hopefully getting into gardening by the time he’s 50.

Get your shitt together, Michael, and hope Trae Young is a machine 10-12 years from now:

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