Insane Kobe Stans Explain Their Dislike Of LeBron James

Most basketball fans in Los Angeles are happy the GOAT, LeBron James, made the decision to end his career with the Lakers. Just watch the video above featuring over-the-moon Lakers fans tossing baby powder in the air to celebrate his arrival — the Lakers bros are LIT.

However, it’s become apparent over the last two weeks that not all of Laker Nation, specifically Kobe Bryant’s diehard fanbase, are thrilled about the prospect of LeBron donning purple and gold. A wall mural that went up after LeBron made his decision has been vandalized so many times that the artist decided to paint over it for good. We’re talking about a top-2 player of all time here and a mural of him can’t stay clean for 24 hours. That’s how delicate Kobe stans are.

This fragileness was reaffirmed last week in a New York Times article by Scott Cacciola, who talked with some fans about their distaste for LeBron. We will warn you, these are some serious hot takes.
Kobe fan thinks he is a diva, but admits “he’s good:”

“I don’t even know where to start,” said Stephanie Serrano, a 35-year-old fan from San Clemente, Calif. “He’s such a diva sometimes.”

“Don’t get me wrong: He’s good,” she said as she pondered the seasons ahead. “Maybe I’ll feel differently once he wins a championship for the Lakers.”

Another fan who needs to watch more non-Lakers basketball claims Kobe is the best basketball player he’s ever seen:

“He was 100 percent pure Lakers,” said Matt Sheldon, a 37-year-old fan from Las Vegas. “The best basketball player I’ve ever seen.”

Others have criticisms of his game, notably an alleged lack of a post game:

“I also didn’t like that he didn’t want to shoot,” Gonzales said. “And now that he shoots, I still don’t like that he doesn’t have a post game.”

Fun fact: Search “LeBron James post” on YouTube and you’ll find a nine-minute video called “LeBron James – Post Up Powerhouse,” which features The King overpowering scrubs — but yeah, NO POST GAME!:
Continuing with the quotes, more people can’t believe the best player in the NBA is cocky:

“I never liked him,” said Yumul, an ultrasound technician who now lives in Las Vegas. “I always thought he seemed really cocky.”
“And dramatic,” Dawana said.

Honestly what we need next is a video asking these people what they think of Kobe’s rape allegations from 2003. That should provide some good content featuring a bunch of revisionist history and victim blaming from people who are way too into championship banners.

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