Chargers ‘Boltman’ Is Retiring, Auctions Costume And Rights To The Character On eBay

I have some bad news for Chargers fans: Boltman is retiring.

For those who don’t know about Boltman, he’s a lifelong fan of the Chargers and has been the unofficial mascot for the team for over 22 years. If you’ve watched any Chargers game ever, you’ve probably seen a crowd shot of this guy. Every Sunday during football season when the BC staff is perusing Instagram for content from the games, there’s no less than a 100 pictures of this guy with fans. He was a true man of the people.

The bad news is that the man behind the mask is retiring. The good news is that his costume and intellectual rights to the character are up for grabs. So a new fan can take on the mantle.

San Diego Union-Tribune – In a statement emailed to media members Thursday, Dan Jauregui announced he was retiring as Boltman, the unofficial mascot of the Chargers, and plans to auction off the character.

Jauregui said he has listed the costume and “full intellectual property rights to the Boltman character” on eBay. There is a reserve price of $5,000, plus $600 for shipping. Half the proceeds will benefit Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

“It has been a great ride and experience for me as I played the role of the mascot character Boltman for over 22 years,” said Jauregui, a Ramonaresident, in his statement. “But the time has now come for me to pass the baton to a true Chargers fan in Los Angeles or San Diego or perhaps even to the Los Angeles Chargers. …

“Dean Spanos and the Chargers have a unique opportunity to extend an olive branch to San Diego fans by bringing Boltman back to the field where he belongs,” Jauregui said. “Boltman belongs alongside the historic Chargers’ Canon (sic) and the Charger Girls as the team gets back to its quest for a Super Bowl title.”

As of me writing this, the auction is sitting at $16,100 and counting, with 7 days left for bidding.

I think whoever buys this should just put the suit in a case in their house or something. There can only be one Batman, and there can only be one Boltman. It was a good run.

My favorite Boltman memory: when he showed up to a city council meeting to try and keep the Chargers in San Diego

"Mr Boltman" pleading with council to vote yes on 2.1 million dollar study for #Chargers

— Vanessa Van Hyfte (@10newsvanhyfte) July 14, 2015