Britney Spears Vs Leg Day, Pacman Jones Attacked At Airport & No Days Off For Bron Bron

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I ❀️ America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO…2 p.m. ET on Fox…Croatia vs. England….and Wimbledon…and Tour de France…and baseball…and the dumb Summer League that everyone is acting like is must-see TV…and it appears ESPN2 will have the World Series of Poker at midnight for all of you night owls.
β€’ I don’t think Britney Spears has been skipping leg day
β€’ Pacman Jones attacked at airport
β€’ Disc golfer shoots -18 … I guess that’s good
β€’ Tampa Bay Rays might build this stadium so people can avoid a $900 million new stadium
β€’ England seems ready for today’s semifinals match
β€’ Buffalo TV station pays tribute to anchor’s beard for some reason
β€’ German firefighters get training on how to remove sexxx toys, especially metal c0ck rings
β€’ Here’s Abby from ASU

Bron Bron Out Here Grindin’ No Days Off Video of the Day

Pulled Pork of the Day

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🚩🚩 @highstreetsocial_penrith 🚩🚩 πŸ” THE AMERICAN BEAUTY: smashed beef, american cheese, Smokey bbq pulled pork, sweet n spicy pickles, battered jalapeno poppers stuffed with american and mozzarella cheese, american mustard πŸ” . Richie's latest HSS burger special is one of his best yet. The combo of smokey pulled pork and seasoned smashed beef work well, then the cheese and jalapenos add both heat, crunch and creaminess to tie everything together. It was nice to see fresh jalapeno used instead of pickled, it made a noticeable difference to each bite and how well it held its shape. Available untill the middle of July – paired with a @hopnationbrewing beer is my recommendation πŸ˜‰ . #highstreetsocialpenrith #highstreetsocial #penrith #theamericanbeauty #smashedbeef #smokey #pulledpork #jalapenopoppers #mozzarellastuffed #american #cheeseburger #burger #heat #crunch #creaminess #crunch #westisbest #hopnationbrewing #july

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Elsa Hosk Raises The Pool-kini Bar, Gordon Hayward Is Sad & Steve Sarkisian Gets Drilled By USC
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