LeSean McCoy Accused Of Beating Girlfriend Delicia Cordon [UPDATE]


This news just dropped within the last couple hours and is a huge accusation against LeSean McCoy. The Bills running back is being accused of beating up his girlfriend Delicia Cordon by one of Ms. Cordon’s friends. According to the friend, this beating took place this morning and Ms. Cordon is in the hospital.
From miamor_i_adore:

@shadymccoy is THE DEVIL!!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!!!!!! We didn’t say anything about how you beat your dog “Henny” into kidney failure. Let’s not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from VICIOUSLY beating your son for small things like peeing in the bed. We kept quiet about your drug usage … all the ILLEGAL steroids and needles you were using, but we will not keep quiet about this!!!!!! I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!! This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!! #WomanBeater#AnimalAbuser #ChildAbuser

It’s no secret that LeSean has had some trouble over the years, including Marcus Vick accusing McCoy of giving herpes to Cordon. That was the same year, 2016, when Shady was sued by off-duty cops over a Philadelphia bar fight. 


According to TMZ,

We’ve learned LeSean and Delicia have had a contentious relationship for a while — according to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, McCoy went to court in June seeking to get a judge’s order forcing to her to move out of a home he owns in Alpharetta, Georgia.
In court docs, McCoy wrote … “Defendant is ex-girlfriend of owner/plaintiff and refuses to leave.”
He also wanted the judge to force Delicia to return all of his items that were in her possession.
In fact, the two sides were scheduled to appear in court on the matter TODAY — but it might get pushed due to a medical emergency involving a member of her lawyer’s family.

Update #2:

A woman named Cicely Billups seems to infer that LeSean McCoy sent “dudes” into Delicia Cordon’s residence to “pistol whip & rob” Ms. Cordon.

Update #3:

Cordon’s mother speaks out:


Cordon’s sister speaks out:




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