Did Jordan Bell Tell Donovan Mitchell's Girlfriend To Call Him Right In Front Of Mitchell's Face?










Jordan Bell was a keep member off the bench for the Warriors this season and actually turned in some solid minutes in the Finals this year, but as a second-year guy he’s still able to return to the summer league even if he’s clearly better than everyone else on the floor.
So naturally, he dominated last night and has apparently already learned to shoot threes, proving the Warriors might really be ruining the league. This was from Wednesday. Next year was already a wrap, but if he’s going to start doing this we might as well just cancel the season.
But the real story from last night came after Bell stuffed a dunk attempt and looked over at Donovan Mitchell’s girlfriend, Deja Lighty, who might’ve have hit her with the “call me” gesture right in Mitchell’s face.

You can’t really read the lips so who knows what he actually said. I can tell you that it didn’t look like he said “call me”, but it was definitely something to that effect with the phone fingers. If that is the case, then some hands needed to be thrown. You can’t get cucked like that courtside at a summer league game and then just laugh it off.

However…the two parties involved say nay

One thing the is very true in all of this is NBA players definitely do not fight anymore.

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