Kolten Wong To An Umpire After Being Called Out At Second Base: "F***ing Piece Of Sh*t"

Honestly, I’m not going to blame Kolten Wong one bit here. I hate the Cardinals just as much as the rest of the National League fans do, but we’ve all been there. MLB umpires suuuuuuuuuck. Right up there with NFL refs when it comes to just bad at their jobs. Look, I’m sure some are fine, but there’s a giant handful of guys out there who suit up in blue every night that feel themselves a little too much. The Joe West’s and the Angel Hernandez’s of the world are just a couple of examples. They know what kind of power they have and they use it.
Is calling this ump a “f***ing piece of shit” behind his back a little too far? Sure, it could be. It might be a tad aggressive. But it also definitely looked like some words were said to Wong first here. We just couldn’t read the lips to know for sure.
The problem I’m sure most people are going to have with this is that Wong did end up being wrong after the replay. If you’re going to break out a couple of four-letter words arguing a call, you better be pretty sure you’re right. Makes it easier for me to defend those bombs.

Maybe he said “F***ing B*tch”? You decide

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