Russell Wilson And Ciara Are Finally On Their Honeymoon Two Years After Getting Married

We are coming up on the two year anniversary of the Russell Wilson-Ciara wedding this Friday on July 6th, which means somehow we’ve already gone 2 full years since we all had stop making jokes about Russ waiting to bang it out with one of the hottest women on the planet until his wedding night.
Apparently, after that, they were having so much sex that they forgot to go on their honeymoon. That, along with how quickly Wilson put a baby in Ciara. Less than a year after the wedding – actually pretty much nine months exactly after the wedding – she popped out their first child. So I guess they never really got around to whole honeymoon thing.
This week the couple finally got to it. They’ve been traveling around Asia this week, first in China where it looked like he was doing a bunch of stuff for Nike, and now in Japan where it looks like honeymoon will be. Wilson posted an update last night, along with some new age honeymoon rules.

I guess 4-day trips isn’t enough these days.

They also ate some pig nose in China…romantic AF

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