Lonzo Ball Has A Torn Meniscus…It Will Be Hard For The Lakers To Trade Him Now


We’re around 13 hours away until NBA free agency officially begins tonight at 12:01 AM EST, at which point players can actually sign contracts. Up until now, we’ve just been kind of sitting here with rumors floating around, maybe hoping for a Kawhi trade that will give us our fix until things can actually happen. Tonight, we’ll finally get some action.
Speaking of Kawhi trade rumors, a huge wrench got thrown into the Lakers side of things while they try and swing a deal for him. Lonzo Ball has a torn meniscus, which means he cannot be traded. Anyone with a brain assumed correctly that Popovich wants absolutely nothing to do with the Ball family, so there was no chance he’d be sent to San Antonio directly in a Leonard trade. However, he would’ve been valuable if a third team got involved to help the Lakers make this deal. Now that’s all out the window.

This adds a whole new wrinkle to these free agency storylines and I think this has LaVar written all over it. Do I think he bashed his son’s knee to avoid him being traded from the Lakers? No, but at this point, nothing would surprise. But I do think LaVar is behind this somehow. Maybe black magic? I don’t know, it’s just a tad fishy when Lonzo is in every trade rumor and then all of the sudden his meniscus is torn. That’s all I’m saying.
You don’t think LaVar wants his son to play with LeBron is he comes and keep that Ball family name in every headline? Of course he does.

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