Karaoke Clemens Was Back At The DJ Table Over The Weekend


At this point I can’t believe a major national chain like The Athletic or Sports Illustrated or Bill Simmons’ site hasn’t done a 3,000 word report on Roger Clemens and his love of karaoke. The guy has never seen a karaoke mic or DJ booth that he doesn’t want to take over and run the party. In fact, I can’t believe a club promoter hasn’t hired Roger to do sets in Vegas, Austin, Miami, etc. sorta like a Rony Seikaly type.
It appears this video of Roger dominating the DJ booth was at a fundraiser in Virginia for a Jack Nicklaus charity. Robert Duvall was there. Darren Clarke added some PGA star power. Looks like Roy Williams stopped by. You know, one of those events. But the real star was Rocket getting the white women off their feet and hitting the floor to get low.
It’s not a golf charity event unless Rocket is on the stage taking the party from 0 to 100 via one Flo Rida classic, which is his favorite, BTW.

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