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A sign of the times

From the NY Post:

Whenever Caroline Keane opens the Venmo app, she always intends to just go in and out. But, inevitably, she gets sucked into the mobile money-transfer service — specifically, its social feed, where she can see friends and co-workers requesting cash from one another for drinks, dinners and Ubers. Scrolling through the app gives the 23-year-old PR professional a particular sense of anxiety: Is everyone hanging out without her?

“Seeing these transactions — even among people I have no desire to be hanging out with — creates a sense of emptiness and unease,” Keane told The Post. “It’s like, ‘S–t, everybody is doing something on Thursday night, and I’m sitting and reading my book. Am I a loser?’ ”

Yes Caroline, you’re a complete loser. At 23 you should be out there tearing it up because one day you’re going to end up pregnant, eating a bowl of ice cream and cruising Facebook to see how your old high school classmates are sharing on a Saturday night. It’s time to crank it up a notch and stop reading your dumb book. Live a little.

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