The Juice Remains A Strong Vegas Attraction

For anyone jetting out to Las Vegas this summer (and not staying at The Cosmopolitan hotel), make sure to keep an eye out for OJ Simpson while you’re clubbing, gambling, or eating. More likely than not, The Juice is out and about and willing to pose for photos with fans. He seemed to be quite the draw this weekend as he popped up in a number of Instagram photos.

“I met OJ last night and he told me ‘Happy Birthday Beautiful,'” captioned one Vegas-goer who also claimed he was a nice guy:

And here he is unknowingly posing for a video instead of a photo:

And that concludes our latest OJ update. We haven’t spotted him since April but the former NFL MVP/Heisman Trophy winner/alleged murderer seems to be enjoying his freedom. He’s now been out of the slammer for over eight months.

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