Anna Vyacheslavovna Is Glued To The Cup, World Cup Skol Troll & World Cup Bro Cheering For Both Teams

Your World Cup schedule: 11 a.m. Fox FIFA World Cup: Japan vs. Senegal; 2 p.m. Fox FIFA World Cup: Poland vs. Colombia…the final round of the Travelers will be on CBS…and Phillies-Nationals at 8 on ESPN for those of you who are still loyal to Sunday Night Baseball…btw, NASCAR will be on FS1 and the stands will be empty…enjoy your Sunday.
• Anna Vyacheslavovna is hot but her last name has to go…tooooo long
Hot Polish soccer fan of the World Cup
A squirrel steals the show at the Travelers Championship
Nigerian soccer fans suddenly loved by Eagles fans…SKOL…SKOL…SKOL
This guy is cheering for Sweden & Germany…pick a side jagoff
Buy Rob Lowe’s house for $47M
This Florida Man saved a gator from an assshole python who attacked the gator
Here’s Morgan from Oakland U.

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