Rachel Bush Throws Her Bikinis Into The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search Ring











What a week it has been for the Internet. So many emotions. And then Rachel Bush closed out the week by throwing her bikinis into the ring for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model search. Suddenly all is right in the world. Will Sports Illustrated include a woman of Rachel’s stature — IG superstar who doesn’t necessarily fit the typical SI model body type — when they can just keep pumping out issues with clones? Why not a wives and girlfriends section of the swimsuit issue?
That would be a breath of fresh air for SI. Put Rachel in there for the NFL side. Maybe get Josh Allen’s girlfriend to do the issue. Hell, throw in Katherine Webb for an entire Bills section to the magazine.
I’m also encouraging SI model researchers to throw Rachel’s sister, Jordan, into the issue. Jordan and Rachel in Bills Mafia gear. Let’s crank this up a notch. Maybe a whole series where Rachel and Jordan are on a beach getting thrown through folding tables. Maybe Jordan choke slamming Rachel through a table on a Fort Lauderdale beach. Or a Lake Erie beach, but SI will have to hurry because they’re running out of days to shoot along the Lake Erie shores.
So many options here and the great news here is that Rachel seems to be up for whatever. Do the right thing, SI. Make her dreams come true.

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Meet Megan From Arizona
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